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Alberta Neurologic Centre Physiotherapy

Customized Vestibular and Neurological Rehabilitation in Calgary

Alberta Neurologic Centre Allied Health Physiotherapy is an extension Alberta Neurologic Centre. What originated as a neurology clinic has now evolved into a multidisciplinary practice that is the home of two physiotherapists who are experts in vestibular and neurological disorders. Allied Health Physiotherapy is a true compliment to the neurological practice at Alberta Neurologic Centre. With the specialized practices our of physiotherapy team, we can provide our patients congruent care and access to an in-house rehabilitation pathway.

Patients will be provided appropriate and effective rehabilitation treatment plans that are curated by their physiotherapist specific to their neurological condition. We are committed to goal-orientated care which includes comprehensive assessments, education, evidence-based treatment and timely access to appointments. Our goal is to ensure each patient visiting our clinic feels confident in knowing their physiotherapist fully understands their condition and is an essential part of improving their quality of life.

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